Doctoral Dissertation Information

I completed a dual Doctoral (PhD) Degree in April 2016. One is in Clinical Psychology and the other is in Industrial & Organizational Psychology .

My Dissertation was studying the personality traits of Paramedics in the United States. It is entitled: "16PF* Traits As Predictors of Emergency Medical Service Worker Tenure"

I researched the personality traits of Paramedics that had been working in the field of Emergency Medical Service (EMS) for 5 or more years, as compared with Former Paramedics that left EMS prior to 5 years of service.

I used two (2) assessment tools: the SLESQ (Stressful Life Events Screening Questionnaire) and the 16PF (16 Personality Factor Assessment).

I found a difference between the personality traits of people that stay in EMS and those that leave EMS to seek employment completely out of the EMS or Trauma system. The difference was the amount of the personality trait of Warmth that a person had. I am hoping this will greatly promote hiring employees that are best suited for long term employment in EMS.

Doctoral Information

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